In Which My OKC Test Has Boring Results But I Write About it Anyways to Avoid Publication Bias

There was an article making its way around my friends’ Facebook feeds about how a woman replied to unasked-for compliments on OKC with some sort of affirmative statement like “Yes, I know.” The men responded by taking back the compliment. However the article didn’t at all mention the rates of negative responses, and instead just highlighted a few negative ones. So I offered to do something similar on my OKC and post about it afterwards.

I turned out to have a pretty boring result, but in the case for publishing boring results to avoid publication (bloggation?) bias, here goes:

There was a lot of discussion about how polite it is to acknowledge a compliment with some sort of “I know” statement, so instead of going that route, I decided to reply to the first five guys in my inbox that I came across that were definite NOs with:

   “Thanks for the message, but I’m not interested.”

It’s not super-polite, but it’s not super-rude. And a lot of guys rant about how horrible it is that women don’t even respond with a “No, thank you” to their messages, so I figured it would be a good thing to test.

The Responses:
(Sorry, you’re not getting screen shots cuz I’m lazy and blacking out ID info takes time :P)

1. The annoyingest response was from a guy in his mid-40s whose age range includes women in their 20s, but NOT women the same age as him:

   “Thanks for the message, but in all honesty, no message would have been preferable to this frosty response. Good luck.”

2. The nicest response was surprisingly from a “dom” whose handle contained the word “Master” and wanted me to come stay with him at his farm in the middle-of-nowhere (Note that I don’t at all mention any D/s stuff in my profile):

   “Thank you for your response.

3. From a guy who messaged me from France, and sure does cuss a lot (in a rather condescending way) for how badly he Englishes:

   “Ok no problem. Cya”

4. Nothing hugely wrong with this guy, but pretty skewed age range and seems to be looking more towards looks:

   “Hmmm most people wouldn’t even respond….but thanks? Lol”

5. No response from obvious PUA/ Game guy

So there you go. No problem with any of the responses. Probable selection effect that I have a very intellectual and self-assured profile (aka “snobby”) so a decent amount of assholes filter themselves out. I still get my share of douchebags, but in this sample of n=5, all was well.

I’ll try to post something more interesting next time 😛


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